Thursday 5th March



“Ah yeah, they’ve all played ‘ere one time or another”
Outside the Arnolfini Gallery where I had my first exhibition
back in ’79, the morning shadows are freezing, the sunlit bits
feel good for the soul. Woman in red walking fast with a boyfriend
looking distant,

“What hope is there of us having a decent f***ing relationship
if you’re not going to do something!?”

He walks by her side, fists in pockets,staring straight ahead.
The rats have been at the bins bags again, the trucks have been
unloaded, men with tattooed arms smile returning knackered cables
to H who smiles benignly from behind his lighting desk.

Reach out to Buddha


4 thoughts on “Thursday 5th March

  1. Yep, we’re tucked around the corner, nestled in a Brizzle back street, up from Devon….clocks ticking…revving up…have a good one…see you in there!

  2. Reach out to Buddha

    Will be chanting for you guys this morning, and especially for Rick.

    Best wishes and see you in Brighton.

  3. Thank you for coming to Bristol and playing that wonderful album – M.E. was as gorgeous as I expected it to be. Come back soon Between Stars :o)

  4. Thank you Karl and Darren for Bristol, Shame about the talking all the way through from the crowd heathens!. Hope Rick is as well as can be expected, we could have picked him up on the way to Bristol. Felt young again

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