Friday 6th March



Sun shining in the alleys behind the Odeon, stumble through the
stage door, shower, float to catering, newsprint scattered over
tables, catch up with the crew, the drivers, runners, riggers,
heads down, humming, the serious business of fry-ups, spill tea
on the the sports page, ketchup, hot ginger, toast & blueberry
juice, sit out on the fire escape in the sun & breath. They’re
flying tones of boxes in the house, rigging lights & running cables.
The tattooed arms of the house crew move in clockwork motion,
dressed in black & heavy boots, wool pulled down around their ears.

“Alright Karl?”, they nod in passing, carrying heavy truss like
children’s toys. The backbone of the show, disappeared long before
doors, returned after everyone’s left, to break down, load the trucks
& slip into the night, unsung.


6 thoughts on “Friday 6th March

  1. Rick. What happened to Rick? Info please. Darren Smith stepped up to the crease (The Javelin Boy is always welcome) but the question hung over a lucklustre show…

  2. Best wishes to Rick! Great hammersmith gig thanks very much. Loved it cheers. Live very near Brighton and tempted to go again tonight. Dub no bass had a massive impact on me 20 years ago and continues to still. Timeless.

  3. Brilliant Karl ,just sent that to my mate who works as a Truck driver for Transam and a big underworld fan, See you in Manchester Friday night for my 7th Underworld Gig, Taken the Mrs to see you guys for her 1st Gig, Cant wait , Take care, Alan,

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