Tuesday 17th March



Look around under your hat
A small felt halo
Different to all the others
Your bright white eyes find me
Rolling in time with my motion
Counting the angles of feet rooting strangers to the ground around us
Faces look down
Laugh out loud
Life is too serious
perfumed to conceal its Oder

Hold on tight
The others won’t meet my eye
But you
Framed in midnight black
Hold connection

Powdered faces
Gold banded diamond  fingers
Pale & perfect lips
ceremonial Preparations
Coffee clutched
Wrapped in paper ribs

Above ground
Feet move fast with purpose
Stone expressions
As shop assistants check their hair & hems before opening
Rare groove pumping breakfast cafes
With exaggerated joy

You’ll find me
In the corner
Featured in the healthy option


4 thoughts on “Tuesday 17th March

  1. Thank you Karl, I received some pleasure from your todays writings.
    Is Rick OK? I have been going on line in search of his current health status. My very best wishes for his healing. Cathy

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