Thursday 26th March



The maitre d’ takes my hand in both of his &, smiling, shakes.
The waiter does one more balletic flourish across the floor for
me as I swing my bag onto a shoulder. He twinkles, beaming,
pristine, crisp in black & white, manicured & perfectly sculpted
hair, dances away between the tables, waving.

“Thank you for staying. Please come again”

Big blacked-out car waiting at the curb to take you away, we shake
& make that rarest of hugs, the best one of all, neither of us
capable of finding words enough to express our feelings.


4 thoughts on “Thursday 26th March

  1. Hello Karl,
    looking forward to see you in Eindhoven. It will be my first Underworld gig ever. And together with girlfriend and my young son who is also a fan of your music. Counting hours for take off….
    Kind regards,

  2. Reading your daily while I wait for the bus in rainy London. Thank you for sharing the rare sentiments of those magical moments x

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