Friday 27th March



Apple & cinnamon cake of Heaven trips me out, best drug on Earth.
Apple & ginger, beetroot, black tea & lavender,  sunlight streams
through walls of Crittle windows, wood on wheels, jungle plantations
perched on illuminated glass tables, sing to mirrorball reggae,
naked bulb festoons celebrate waitress smiles.
Paradise, was waiting as we rolled in, names on the guest-list,
triple ‘A’ passes, comes out to greet it’s Prodigal children,
patient at the gates with open arms, seats us around it’s table,
feeds us gentle soul food, bathes our bruises from the inside out.


2 thoughts on “Friday 27th March

  1. Ah, now i know why i saw the best, magical gig of Underworld yesterday evening. Keep iT up, i think the best is yet to come. (Willem)

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