Saturday 4th April



Still unclear of the co-ordinates to that floating Easter island
during any given year, I fire up the studio, flick on the turntable
drop Far East Family Band’s ‘Parallel World‘, picked up at
The Collector in Brussels & lock the door. Turn it up!


6 thoughts on “Saturday 4th April

  1. Thanks for the great music recommend 29 mins of losing myself, deepest joy. Should there be more chocolate weekends at other random weekends of the year? Love the photo it appeals to my sense of order in a disordered world.

  2. If you take a look into another live,you involved yourself…,but i hope you don’t feel about me with any problem.
    I see you safed my yellow in the middle of your red and english blue.
    On my island it will be beautifull eastern day and night’s,with a big moon and stars in a kristall clear haeven.I saw the first great easterfire this evening and it would be wonderfull if you could visit sylvia on a beautifull saturday,sun…,(frankie dymon jnr!-)

  3. I won a 7 inch of ‘Kain – Ain’t it Fine’ as consolation prize at the Eastbourne funfair 1972. I still have that disc. I dont have a record or cassette player anymore.

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