Friday 3rd April



Started good, still coughing, doctor’s closed ’till after Easter,
Easter, that floating time, allocated to weekends a none specific
date, irritates me, ha ha ha! People say,
“What are you doing over Easter?”
I ask,
“When is Easter?”
they look at me, shocked, like I’ve just returned from Mars,
but, I ask you, ‘how do you locate a floater?’

Day deteriorated from there, should’ve locked myself in the studio,
away from people with conflicting ideas who involve me in finding
solutions to their problems. This broom only sweeps my side of the
street, you’d think I would’ve learned by now.
Eventually locked myself in the studio, working on the score to a
new installation I’m collaborating on the music for with Efterklang.
As I thought….it was by far the best idea of the day.


3 thoughts on “Friday 3rd April

  1. Healing spicey apple cake.sticky sponges and cosied teapots, among the chintz and chit chat, restarts tomorrow among the exhibits … alive and stuffed! Tea, cake and a ‘nice sit down’ the great British battery charger.

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