Friday 1st May



The queue’s too long, no time to wait, the sun’s too bright,
too early. Return us to night with dust, cold, sweet & salty,
cream passing through. Where are you going, scattering marks,
fast fingers? I’m just recovering, but you got dust enough
for both of us to return us to the night.


2 thoughts on “Friday 1st May

  1. I fell in love this day with beautiful Finchingfield and its equally beautiful inhabitants. Found art in a tea shop and a beautiful art exhibition in the ancient Guildhall. Talked with the locals about community and how they raised 1.8 million to refurbish it. Walked secret paths not walked by many. Come move here they said. It is my beautiful dream.

  2. Camden film festival today trying to sell my friends art. Odd conversations about horror movies. Extreme tastes in the seemingly meek. I grin at the copy of erotica psychedelica that sits in front of me that no man has the courage to pick up. Have a lovely day.

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