Saturday 2nd May



I’m just asking, face in hands, paint stained, doorless.
I’m just drifting, looking for a milder body, roasted curves,
smooth topping, stir & enjoy. Somebody’s waiting at the station,
it’s raining, smoke & steam. Sirens in the street make you
turn around howling. I got to go, I can’t take you with me,
don’t wake up the neighbours when you leave.


3 thoughts on “Saturday 2nd May

  1. I met him in the Portal de l’Angel in Barcelona 3 years ago. He worked at the lobby bar and we started to talk about art. He is a photographer a poet and painter. I must be very stupid not go out with him when he asked me for a dinner.
    What am I looking for?

    -Un silencio para el olvido, un grano de sal para el viento …. observo el cielo y los recuerdos se diluyen, me trasformo en roca para abrigarme, para tocar los coágulos de ti, para proteger esta sangre que se aferra a la vida a los demonios que nos vigilan, nos mienten, nos besan y devoran nuestros deseos de locura ….. recuérdame soledad de donde vengo ….. cuida de mis ojos que se hunden como espinas en el mar y con miel en mis labios las sombras aumentan y dilatan mi despertar.-

    Jorge Fabián Castillo 2015

    A silence for forgetfulness, a grain of sand for the wind… I observe the skies and memories fade, I become rock to shield myself, to touch your coagulations, to protect this blood that clings to life to demons that watch over us, lie to us, kiss us and devour our yearning for madness… remind me, solitude, where I’m from… watch over my eyes that drown like thorns in the sea and with honey on my lips the shadows grow and hasten my awakening.
    //Traducción: Luis Razo//

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