Thursday 7th May



Hey you in the corner, Black spoon hot. Blue, fast, Yellow, fast,
keep looking. Hey you, White arrow, running from the flames,
click, click, click, the rhythm of your heels. Hey you, mad &
beautiful, came out’ve nowhere, Red wrapped around you, fast,
in-&-out. Look around, hidden eyes approaching, where do you keep
the sweet stuff? Knuckles, White, so serious, cheer up!

Today we’re laying ex’s next to names to be entrusted with the
future of our Nation, fingers crossed, ‘X’ marks the spot.


2 thoughts on “Thursday 7th May

  1. My X thrown in with the rest its marginal here, like me marginalised but today I have a choice. In the end the government always wins. Big warehouse now a cosumer paradise, not for me my delicate senses overloaded by smells, sounds and vivid colours. This bird needs to fly. You broke the morning silence with Boy with the Jigsaw Puzzle Fingers

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