Wednesday 6th May



Full moon, fast talking winds whip around the house, blow windows
wild. I’m a stickman, blurred, walking fast in black & white dreams,
click, click, click, keep moving. I’m child of the Logo, tattooed
sweet-spot, full colour up, running on Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium
Potassium, listening to wires humming in my ears, so when the
bubble bursts I wont hear. Keep moving, keep moving, don’t stop

Brainstorm‘ – Hawkwind


4 thoughts on “Wednesday 6th May

  1. The Wolves are running in the wind. The Banshees screaming old as time. Power up, we are Masters of The Universe. Which version Doremi Fasol Latido or Space Ritual? Much maligned cosmic carpet ride. I feel it.

  2. Damned,before finished,the red cat disturbs baby’s fuck dream-ok,she said,
    later we make it again…..yes!

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