Wednesday 13th May



Gift horse
Pow moma
What’s that tongue you’re talking in?
Keep it down
You’re doing my nut in

Disposable gift
Don’t I
Don’t I
Feel unique?
Your mouth is hurting my ears!
When are you leaving?
Don’t you know there’s people?

You shout like singing
It’s almost good
But something about your mouth
Is grating on me
Shut it
Trapped in the doors of you mouth
Heading for the overground

Look again
The emperor rides
A five car train

Your jeans above the knees
Fake decay
Oh god
It’s raining!

Kurt little lipstick mouth
Fake seduction
You scare me
You’re so neat
Got it all sewn up

Give baby the phone
Teach baby to touch
Wheels in the way
Teach me faith


One thought on “Wednesday 13th May

  1. Hello Wednesday, I knew you were there. Graffiti boy is back. This one tags in chocolate, it’s his medium. Extolling his love in sweet for his sweet sweetheart. Sweet smells drift up from the wall, saying it with flowers is no more. His medium a comment perhaps on the impermanence of things. This mornings silence was broken by Atmosphere, The Family Sign album.

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