Tuesday 12th May



For three days I smell smoke coming out’ve my skin, like I used to
when I played the working mens clubs as a teenager, like when
smoking was allowed in studios. It’s a metallic smell, unlike
smokey hair or breath, a filtered aroma entwined with salt & blood.
I sniff my clothes, my skin, my fingers & it’s not coming from
any of them. It’s starting to drive me up the wall! Where’s it
coming from? I’m beginning to wonder if i’ve got some kind’ve
brain problem affecting my sense of smell. Is this a sign that
I’m spiralling down into a catalogue of malfunctions, a tastes
of years to come?
After three day it’s starting to give me a head ache.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday 12th May

  1. Oh doll, this sounds wretched. Have you changed anything in your diet? Is it possible that it’s a new dimension to your Synesthesia? Is that even possible? Go and see your Dr, I know boys don’t like doing that but it’s probably a good idea. In the meantime I hope it improves. Our bodies are fragile things, take care of yourself.

  2. 3day’s backward’s,was that the day he drunk the b-day tea?-but it is a chilli-vanilli tea,smelling like chilli-vanilli how everybody know’s!
    Puh,the third day backward’s was the day before tea-bag day.The day of any x-people and their bitter white stuff,you’ve told.

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