Monday 11th May



Head on in it’s own station, good girl monkey, is this Heaven?
What have you got that I want honey-pot, waiting for a train?
Dark clouds, tomorrow’s dream of rain, gathers in the wind.
Feedback friend I’m going home, head on, electric legend,
captured by time, all our roots in Black & White. East end,
boys in dresses dance in the street, get the traffic whispering.

Oh Yeah


2 thoughts on “Monday 11th May

  1. The waiting room..waiting for something or somewhere to go. I was talking to my artist friend today asking “why art is so inaccessible to common folk, why can’t I have a piece of beauty to hang on my wall?” His reply “only people who buy Cocaine can afford it, you know the type of people I mean” He may be right but it made me sad, cut into my ribs. I told him I’m bidding, that my bids are in “good luck with that”..”thanks” “what you bidding on?” “something like Enid Blyton” “you’re cryptic today” “yes, but I don’t want to be bidding against you. You’ve got more money than me” Fingers and toes crossed I get lucky and come away with a thing of beauty for my wall. Something that makes me grin every time I look at it.

  2. Hello K.It was a great joy for me to be drunken by you,swimming on your tongue,diven and floaten throug you and last of course the funny moment,
    when you pissed me out again…,
    your happy b-day honey pot..
    (Would like this directly one more time;)

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