Sunday 10th May



Well, got this far again, seventeen years clean & the rest
in belly-button days. Going to the capitol, wash my feet in
the water, breakfast on fry-ups & promenade till sunset,
ride the dippers & dodgems, candy floss on sticks, the sweet
smell of onions frying in the dark & abandon myself to the joy
of cheese driven neon grooves. Wish you were here…


4 thoughts on “Sunday 10th May

  1. Two birthdays in one day? That’s special, Happy Birthday for the belly button and congratulations on being a walking miracle…proof positive of the twelve steps to heaven. Strut your stuff, be loud and proud, spread the good vibrations. This fellow here rejoices in your achievement. J.F.T, enjoy your day.

  2. The highest mountains we ever climb are invisible to others, they just see how exhausted we are. The loving ones support us against the rocks, when a tumble back is easier, they pour us tea and urge us on. Tea makers and climbers, ordinary people at their most remarkable.

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