Sunday 17th May



Grey suit, neck exposed, ringed in white, distant eyes, watching,
gone. Looks around, hunched, catching sunlight in a paper cup,
bitter black stuff, white cuff, crisp around the wrists, picking
fingers, bite the lip, taps a foot with a broken groove,
killing time before it comes calling.



3 thoughts on “Sunday 17th May

  1. Hello Sunday, I’ve been here before 😉 good day Sunshine, I think I’ll bask a little today. Relax with some tunes, Sunday roast, the pardies are queueing. Good company and grins to come. Have a loverly day. The Sweet, Air on A Tape Loop breaks the morning silence…Love is like Oxygen.

  2. Congratulatione,you are the greatest.Have a nice day.
    My yesterday’s title for a goodguy i sang was ‘spermbird’,
    not ‘squek&sqwak’ karl!

  3. I …
    I …
    I was looking for my soul mates and not the money back then.
    Was it a mistake? Maybe.
    Still wonder if it was the muse that chased me away or the never ending sense?
    In a time without internet and mobile devices at all.

    Well maybe you think I lie
    And maybe you think I’m high
    But I’m not, you know.
    Don’t you know I’m right?

    Gravy Train – (A Ballad of) A Peaceful Man (1972) – song 03

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