Monday 18th May



List, the maddening wait – regulate.
Brilliant colours, the lion, the bird.
Gift steals a look, a gander.
Silver studs beneath the bridge, oh Lord!
Instant dog, fix your face in a camera phone, check it out,
look around.
Salty streets, rainbow woman & clothing, & the closing of doors –
this one’s yours I’m getting off!

Space, gimme some! Are we done slow stepping?
Twisted wheel, mad as a subway, that’s a pink one! Lock it to the
lamp post.
Designer porn, favour fortune, head, hands, a mouth on fire.
See my boat, Im butter on the knife, bitter frustration.
No, not at you, at me.

These hands can’t cut it! The luminous rabbit leaps in the dark,
craving fantastic – look at me…nothing.


2 thoughts on “Monday 18th May

  1. Gorgeousness right there. Head under the duvet all day migraine city in my brain. The doors and windows rattle, too loud, even the dull light too bright. Emails drop I can barely see them, one confirms from UW some joy will be dropping through my box in a couple of days. It all ends and all is well.

  2. What’s going on with your brain,did you spend your time in sansibarsamoa… too,for a little recovering(tor)tour??
    Karl,how interesting,not only that no email from uw arrived,-all emails i got from uw are away,verschwunden aus meinen emailfach.How that?

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