Saturday 23rd May



The BBC News is pumping fear out again as I turn on the radio.
I seriously ‘love’ the BBC, I get something good out’ve pretty
much everything it broadcasts except the news, the editorial
focus of which appears to be glued in one direction,
sending waves of fear & insecurity out into the world on a
daily basis. Strikes me as an odd thing to do, when everyone
else I know appreciates a bit’ve positivity in their day.


6 thoughts on “Saturday 23rd May

  1. The way to control the masses is to pump them full of fear…i don’t fall for it,i absolutely look for positivity every day…it’s everywhere to be found :-)…

  2. I turn it off when the news turns sour. Just can’t take the sadness it spews forth, it affects me too deeply. Whatever happened to those quirky bits of news that were broadcast to make us all go aw or giggle n grin? Are we getting old? Surely not. No doubt it’s preparing us for something that’s to come. I fear nothing except that particular darkness that dog’s us sometimes. Pour some light on bring down the positivity.

  3. This is why I stopped watching TV and reading newspapers back in 1993.
    The more negative news are planted, the more negativity and misery will grow.
    I truly believe it is possible to create world depression with enough negative brainwash. Since it’s completely devastating to all mankind, I could never understand or figure out whose interest this favors actually in the end.
    Even the Swedish news and headlines are entirely and solely based on catastrophe, misery or other negative stuff. What is the meaning with that?

    Tears For Fears and their Sowing The Seeds Of Love

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