Friday 22nd May



The hot sting of morning, red wire to a broken heart voice.
I’m tired, yeah, pay no attention. Star in black water,
drowning in fast messages. I’m down to 84% & falling.


4 thoughts on “Friday 22nd May

  1. Low Chi…Earthquake wakes my girls from their slumber. Youngest daughter a homeless mans Angel. Leaves food and water by him so he can eat when he wakes up. Random acts of kindness keep the world ticking, she is Faith in the goodness of us all and not in name only.

  2. “Walk around, be free and roam
    There’s always someone leaving alone
    Pleasure at the fairground on the way

    And I love the thought of coming home to you
    Even if I know we can’t make it
    I love the thought of giving hope to you
    Just a little ray of light shining through”

    Simply Red

    …and the ghost of love went in his pocket, took his wallet all out
    With the pictures of his family and girl:
    This is the place that you choose to be with me
    When you thought, you could be in another world
    Take me to a place without no name
    Doggone, take me, no name.


  3. Und immer wieder muß die hoffnung in die leere laufen,enttäuschendes nichts,der schmerz den das erzeugt is grenzenlos und wirkt schwerer als das bißchen glück und zuversicht durch die hoffnung. Wer hoffnung erzeugt auf ein ereigniss das er ausschließt,den erfreut nicht das lichtspenden sondern das verfinstern,der täuscht um sich am schmerz des enttäuschten zu erregen-eine art sadistischer perversion. So sehn sie aus,die masken des begehrens und die metamorphosen der sinnlichkeit.

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