Thursday 21st May



Experience, what’s it done? Messages in your fingers flinch.
Drink up, you got the call! Get up, it’s time! Zip it up,
make everything great! Tiny eyes, big face, come see the sun!
You stole another’s place, the hot seat in the corner as I watched.
You didn’t even know, just slipped in as if nothing.


4 thoughts on “Thursday 21st May

  1. Walking in treacle. Come on in, shiny and bright we’ll spit you out with your empty bin. Alluring with promise of something or nothing. Hypnotised, mesmerised, how time flies.

  2. Alluring with promise of something or nothing-in this lesson are you well too,.
    In which school you learnt that?
    Get rich.
    Get out’`ve here.
    Perhaps this warm call was too for you!?

  3. Some days it takes hours to write a basically simple message.
    Today was such a day.
    Reminded me once again why I never felt the longing to bear children to this World.
    Experience, what has it done? Fortified it.
    But believe or not, somewhere deep inside I´m still very optimistic.
    Distance, what you got? The Living In Another World.
    And it´s windy, just a way we like it 🙂

    “Place my chair at the backroom door
    Help me up, I can’t wait anymore
    Blessed love
    The love I’ve seen”

    Talk Talk – Laughing Stock (album)
    Beautiful artistic music indeed, not for laughing though 🙂


  4. You saw it,and coudn`t do anything against,now the hot seat is away and that is sad,cause i was enjoying to drive that in warm summerdays.
    Thanks karl,for the love of your my mac,would like…
    Do you have an exampel of love for my lips?
    Best wishes.

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