Wednesday 20th May



Riding a late one out’ve south London, baked by sun & soaked
by rain, colder indoors than out. This is England, why I live
here, the weather drives us, comforts us, gives us conversation
& focus to make, & write & create because it keeps changing.
My dialogue with the weather has been a constant
throughout my life, the seasons & ‘what should I wear’s’ have
kept me in a state of continual flux that works for me. One day
in the sun is enough, slows me down, de-incentivises me, I loose
direction as the heat swells my fingers & brain, it’s like being
drunk again. Early morning rain washing the streets clean, of
dirt & people, enough to imagine I’m at one our our less glamorous
British sea-side resorts in Winter, they’re my favourite hang-out
places for inspiring a particular ‘alone-ness’ that lifts me.
Hood up, walking the streets in the rain, amber glow of cafes
calling, steam from coffee machines, hissing, radio on in the back,
condensation running down windows, figures hunched over formica
tables, fingering strong tea in thick cups, white toast, beans,
plastic tomatoes disgorging ketchup since the 60’s.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday 20th May

  1. Sarf End, Essex boys Peacocking, showing their wheels and strutting. Shiny and bright, bolshy even. Love other Essex seaside more, all beautiful in their own and different ways. Good times and happy memories, every Londoners best day out. If I could live anywhere else in the world? I wouldn’t! Gorgeous thunderstorms here last night. I love them, feel the power?

  2. 20 years here, 30 years there made me a rootless earth citizen, I think.
    Besides mediocre language skills I have a master’s degree in adaptability.
    I feel nothing except that particular ‘alone-ness’ with you that still lifts me. Just like the picture of today.
    No, I´m not a gambler but this morning I really thought about The Casino de Monte-Carlo. That I should take my mother there once, just because it´s such a beautiful building.
    The only time I was there I could not come in because I forgot my passport in the apartment in Cabris. Never thought one needed a passport to a casino.
    The thrill of the Underworld I found in Paris instead. Access without any passport.
    Dirty dirty dirty 🙂

    This is the sound of Scooter… or at least it was – Access All Areas – Intro

    Oh yeah!

  3. Good Grief!! Remind me never to watch a “Scooter” video clip again…painful! However…i did laugh so ………:-D

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