Tuesday 26th May



Talk to me dog, what you thinking, what’s the neighbourhood
come to? Is this Sex Shop? Jesus! They’ve gentrified the dream,
the glamour of the gutter gone! Hey wonderful, press the bell,
watch me drag my knuckles, me & the boys got oxygen cocktails,
got my eyes on the sky, watch me baby!


6 thoughts on “Tuesday 26th May

  1. Gentrification…makes my soul go cold. How to wipe out a communities beauty in one fell swoop. Two sides to this borough the dividing line the A10. My brother thinks I live on the wrong side. I think I live on the right side, non gentrified and always vibrant and alive. Rich in different cultures, beautiful. Someones cooking in their bath tub. I can smell it in my home, that old familiar chemical smell. There’s only one thing that smells like that. Fuelling the need to go faster and stay awake longer. Back to Captain Beefheart, Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles.

    • Interesting,yesterday karen offers us a complitly other pic of himself,nothing of vibrant and alive,more so an vampire in his comfortzone,a’ jammerlappen’-don’t no the netherland word therefore.
      But-you are beautiful while others had to cooking in their bath tub…
      -yes,like me with karl(hope,than you want and will come with me)


    “…and I can see those private planes, I can see those private planes,
    you are in one of those private planes, aren’t you?”

    (…and he is right. I try to do my very best but I can only fly a Piper Cherokee and a glider, not a Jet.)

    The guitar, when it sounds like an airplane after the ”outside is America”, is just *king awesome.
    …and man
    its gonna take you and me, the reds and the greens
    the now´s and the ever´s and the yet to be´s
    the where you´re going, the where you´ve been
    the living and the dead and the unseen
    the somebodies
    the nobodies
    the holy´s hope
    the gentle and the rude
    the gays and the straits
    the sevens and the eights
    the nines and the tens
    and the dollars at the ends…

    Looking forward to see U2 in Stockholm in September.

  3. When i watch you on one of my favorit fotos i can see…nothing:-)
    and that looks damn sexy,so sexy that i can understand the neighbourhood
    a little bit. But they don’t want to buy anything,i know them,they want all and all to see-for nuts.
    Themself they have not nothing to offer,but pst baby,better you don’t ask them about their long history of lost egg’s!!
    Sorry,bed comes before
    bath-is coming soon.
    Your’s o.

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