Wednesday 27th May



I’m not stopping what you love. What? – Five kids! Are they
all yours?!


6 thoughts on “Wednesday 27th May

  1. I’m guessing this was a chugger. The only thing I subscribe to is the free Tibet campaign. It’s been a passion of mine since I was 16. Thanks for your and your pardies work on that. Good people like yourselves can carry a powerful message about the hideous goings on in that fair land. I hope one day they will be free again.

  2. Belief they are all mine sir,only this pour couple (i call them team baccara) with their lost eggs are sometimes bit seldom,so that i often think,they were spend by an kuckuk.But i love them too as they were mine.

  3. All mine sir,i said.Only the team baccara,this pour couple without eggs are often so seldom,that i sometimes belief,they must be spend by an kuckuk.

  4. Muchos gracias karl,i taste the breakfirst in mind and yeah,would realy like it in the evening too.
    Beefheart is not so my cup of tea,but i love your heart-always intact.

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