Friday 29th May



Voivod, Tony Alan, mingle with Essex techno in the foyer,
clutch your water, fallen fresh out the sky from London,
skin caked in Sky grease, feel the dirt seep into you,
feeling drained from breathing re-cycled wind, the breath
from the lungs of your fellow flyers, legs numb from altitude,
everyone in black & flight cases checkin’ each other out.
Who’re the new boys with the short hair & Adi trainers?
This ain’t the bleedin’ 90’s, this ain’t rave, this is
festival, mixed bag of goodies & I’m in the right spot,
exactly where I want to be. My Mate Kiisti used to write
the lyrics for Voivod back in their day & I dream of playing
rhythm guitar, cycling on a groove for the king of Hi-Life,
Tony Alan & if I’m lucky, I’ll get the full strike, the set of
three, drifting off listening to Patti Smith transmit that
unique New York energy thing outside my bedroom window.
This is where I want to be, but I wish you were here with me.


6 thoughts on “Friday 29th May

  1. The picture reminds me of the scene from Yellow Submarine, with all the things moving back and forth between rooms. It looks quite claustrophobic though. Glad you arrived safely and hope your pardy was able to join you this time. Have a great tour & smash it in your unique and wonderful way.

  2. Barcelona 2010 – 45 minutes, terra firma, hustled, bustled, mugged, wrestled, retrieved, relieved, Metro vigilance. Here, fleetingly in Bristol, the last time I posted, your gig in March? Or was it April? I’ve logged into so many networks I’m not sure who I am, or where I am?

  3. My brother andy lifes in berlin,so my plan was to visit him this weekend and to enjoy with him together an underworld live happening.Now,he isn’t home,on time he is-what du you think-in barcelona,for an bikerunning plus lazydays.On sunday he fly back home berlin,but have something to do than and no time for me and dance so that is not good able for me come to berlin,a bit sadly i stay at home.My brother spend the last day in barcelona and it could happen,that he take a look at underworld live.and than, (you don’t know how i envy him) it can be that you have the same fly to berlin!My brother has longer,redblond curly hair and looks like an mix from andre rieu und albert einstein.If i only could be on andys place,
    cause i would have the greatest lust to drive this little tour with you.
    I’m simply allways there as spiritual guydancer!

  4. Wish I could clutching you but this is one of the most busy times of the year at my work.
    Yeaterday’s unwind was a live gig Carl Nielsen – Symphony No. 3, Sinfonia Espansiva.
    And of course songs like Erik Gadd – Floating On Love.

    • Oh,who ever you are,for clutching me you don’t need me therefore-or haven’t you always an apple in your pocket??

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