Friday 5th June



Swerved the stress of an early ride through the crush
of the roulette wheel on the M25, slipping sweetly round
the rim of London to cruise the mal of a satellite sky-hole
for pre-packed supermarket dinners smuggled back into the
sealed unit of a tired hotel room like scavengers. Feet up
on the bed, plastic forks & bottled waters, zoning out to a
giant flat-screen with the colour cranked high as a council
tv, breathing airconditioned wind through bunged-up sleep,
to wake more tired than when I closed my eyes. The nice lady
at reception offered me free wi-fi if I signed up for a hotel
card when I complained about the cost of logging-on, so I
reach out to you courtesy of another corporation soaking me up
into it’s system like a blotting paper stain. Looking forward
to gathering with the brotherhood of groove for the jump into
the sky again, praying for a gentle time for these bones tuned
for dancing long after their sell-by date expired, put my faith
in the kick-drum & my brother’s skill in giving it good orderly
direction, enough energy in that first hit to transform this
ragged body into something approaching human.


3 thoughts on “Friday 5th June

  1. Not at all glamorous is it the bones of the industry. Hopefully there’s some more refreshing sleep coming your way soon. Safe travels and have a good gig. Sarf End awaits your return 😉

  2. Lost sun is back,shining over skyline,floating warm into the black box
    till the water in tub is cooking again… .

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