Saturday 6th June



Mashed, trashed, shaking, vibrating oscillating, agitated,
aggravated, irritated, disconnected, assailed by smiles &
good intentions. Hit me with that sugar mint, deliver me
oh Lord! Im sonically dyslexic, lost the power of speech &
language, alien tongue, fingers like twigs, every question
an invasion, too complicated, kindness is violent & nothing
is right.
“I want to smash it up, I want to break it down, I want a
wall of tears to wash away”
I’m in orbit around that isolation, no ‘solution’, don’t
look at me, I got it bad, don’t want to bring you down,
keep away, need to re-connect with laughter, wash the dishes,
take the bins out, clean the cups at a meeting of minds so
similar they’d grin & cheer in recognition of this rabid feeling
& call it by it’s name so I’d know exactly where & who I am,
sail straight & clean again, reunited with the moment in the moment,
exactly where I am, calling for help, you send it, something’s
happening, pass the pancakes & syrup, I think I’m coming down,
kiss the ground, happy to be here.


3 thoughts on “Saturday 6th June

  1. It too shall pass, you know that. No need to preach to the converted. We are everywhere and so are the meetings of minds. Pick yourself up and raise yourself, all will be well. 😉 x JFT x

  2. “Between the moments of inspiration it is hard work.”
    It was said in a corporate presentation for a company I took over as CEO a couple of years ago.

    Miss you in these busy times.
    Take care of the moments of joy you find, they are there if you listen, if you want to hear it.

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