Sunday 7th June



Mott the Hoople play ‘All the Young Dudes’, Dave & Iggy do Berlin,
watching Jim do his thing on Youtube till 5:00am, can’t sleep in
the comedown from the gig when I used to get wasted on Vodka &
blood red, now my head is racing, but feeling good, clean as a
surfer hanging ten, shot out the pipe, in the dark, eyes on the
light, drawn by the energy of that late night crowd transmitted
intravenous, the open mouth of another big Black stage receives,
kick-drum dances on the breath of another early morning just
before the sun, it’s all ours, kings & queens, silent waking with
my brother dripping sweat between the trucks backed up to loading
docks, heavy armoured cases, men with bloody knuckles, tattoos, nod
& smile, heavy rubber wheels, names of faces & places stencilled to
their sides the boxes carrying the scares of a life in permanent


5 thoughts on “Sunday 7th June

  1. Epic!! The darkness must always give way to the light. New Dawn, new day and all is good with the world. The bringers of joy continue thier journey.

  2. Sunday Funday. Can’t wait for the LA show. Traveling from Phoenix. It will be epic to hear “Always loved a film”. Much love, scoops

  3. I know it might be a little early but please think about a ‘Beaucoup Fish’ 20th anniversary tour. Awesome show last night. Smooth sailing x

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