Thursday 18th June



The lift stinks with the acid bite of too much aftershave,
I’m drowning in game faced suits pumped on testosterone,
who wouldn’t stand a chance in the pubs back home.
Found the porridge & a quiet table, though until I completed
the cocktail with a hit of black tea I’m a man holding his breath.
Another jump through the skyhole, leaving the sweet green curves
of Mother Essex for the blacktop snakes of Hollywood, diner time,
I love American diners, wheat toast, raisin bran & black tea,
note book keen for the pen dance – listening.
Back in the heartland of American Graffiti, Booker T & Green Onions,
Steve Cropper is still the man, telecaster scythe cutting grooves
with wire spikes of classic Fender tones. If it’s good enough for
Steve, it’s good enough for me, pass me mine, I need to funk,
JB on the headphones groovin’ ‘Payback’, all the way from Romford
to LA & back.


7 thoughts on “Thursday 18th June

  1. I see you in a few days , rocking my heart and rocking my soul for the last 20 years i have a fairly vaugh but fantastically brillant recollection on hear you and rick in the roxy in new york.

    Left that gig floating on the highness off what you do best and thought i was imagining it when i ran into the two off you in time square an hour after the gig.

    You signed my passport am coming back for ricks

  2. Hey Karl, if you want a good American fast food experience in LA, you could go to IN-N-OUT BURGER. Seriously, it’s SOOOO good. I hope you guys have fun, whatever you do. xoxo cari

  3. Safe Travels….Can’t wait to be there and dance under the night sky on Sunday night to the wonderful music that you and Rick have created.

  4. Steve “the Colonel” Cropper! You’re right about that Telecaster sound, man. It’s the same sound that gave Led Zeppelin I that raw, ferocious, bite-y feeling, despite Page being so heavily associated with Les Pauls. Did you ever see that guitar? Page gave it a wild custom paint job only to have his roommate think his art an accident, so the guy did him a “favor” and repainted the thing!

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