Friday 19th June


All the boys are sparking, laughing mascara tattoos, crowd into the
back room, spreading energy, frisky & infectious. Night on the roof
with hot almond milk, faces pressed into the lights of the city,
sirens, helicopter searches, strolling cool eucalyptus boulevards
home between faux Spanish stucco & rococo security bars,
the luminous silver skins of crazy root trees lift sidewalks by the
light of a grinning moon.


2 thoughts on “Friday 19th June

  1. youre in my neighborhood now. Been so long since. Teeming. Ready. Can’t wait for sunday. Pace groove beat heat movin, man.
    Im ready. Soak it up. Come ready. Will be there bouncing. Vibing.
    Res O nate uR
    Best to you… DB.
    RECOMMENDATION — the band Wand.

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