Friday 26th June



Up half the night walking, in the bedroom, in the kitchen,
in the garden before sunrise in the silent minutes before
the world wakes, when it stops breathing. Birdsong, breeze,
the sound of our tired feet shuffling to ease a pain that
keeps sleep at bay, though I wish it was all mine & not
yours. The night line Dr reaches out a soothing hand with
the name of my childhood hero, a man who listens, responding
with a gentle intelligence that makes us feel ok.


7 thoughts on “Friday 26th June

  1. Sad to hear the sickness in your family, some Dr’s have such great people skills and empathy. I hope wellness comes soon. On my way to Hyde Park to see The Who another one off my bucket list of bands to see before I go on my next journey.

    • Enjoy The Who :-)….my sis saw them in Glasgow a couple of years ago and was crying with happiness(not usual :-D)…my bucketlist band was Leftfield last week….Awesomeness is an understatement πŸ™‚

  2. When she didn’t went in ternet she don’t see or hear something about uw,
    nothing-and than is all to strange,it can’t realy help than to know,that uw is with her
    in the garden bar.
    But hope to see me and the bandagen where joyfull for uw?)

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