Saturday 27th June



Drove North to Harlow for the last day of the Hunt & Darton
pop-up cafe. This is the third one I’ve experienced, ‘Austerity Day’
today, a different vibe in the art cafe to Manchester in the rain &
Colchester in winter sun. I love what they do, makes me smile,
spirit rise, people chuckle, bemused, levitate, a welcome turn of
If you get the chance, check out their brilliant Cafe’s, currently
popping up in China, next stop the Edinburgh Fringe – every town
should have one!


4 thoughts on “Saturday 27th June

  1. Thanks for the heads up, China’s out of the question on purely ethical reasons. I cannot abide what they are doing to the people of Tibet. Next time they come back this way I shall give them a try. The tropical nights are back, sleep eludes me at every chance. Hyde Park was fabulous, though watching people melt under the weight of alcohol not so much fun, pretty messy and some bad vibes.

  2. You might have just motivated me to go to The Edinburgh Fringe…never been i’m ashamed to say and can quite easily do a day trip form Aberdeen…i’m on it! 😀

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