Sunday 28th June



Smells sweet & birdsong, sends me to bed at 5:00am numb from typing.
Working on this book, a story of sorts, a truth, pictures & words.
The jetlag returns but I like the way the house sounds with
everyone asleep, clicking, settling on it’s bones. Shuffling between
the lap top & kettle, skimming the local paper to rest the brain.
Though I haven’t liked lying in ever since I got sober I’m
learning to roll with it, hoping I can get something close to
‘awake’ in time to be with Rick in the studio tomorrow. fell asleep
at the wheel for a split second twice yesterday, snapped awake just
in time to avoid ditching the car, got to stay off the road till
I wake up enough, wondering how many others drive like this.
I love to type, it chills me out, breaking to sit on the back porch
with black tea in the rain, call Dad, the sound of his voice is good,
he’s checking out some wild new Tele Tubby service station over in
the West, tells me about the film scores of Mischa Bakaleinikoff.
We love the sound of the rain.


6 thoughts on “Sunday 28th June

  1. Yeh…the sound of rain is good…as is the heat of the sun…we’ve had both up here in the North East of Scotialand today…I was wide awake at 5 am also…tho I was rising with the birds…forced myself back.into.that lucid dozing for a little while… I don’t do long lies either…never have, 2 reasons…I can’t as I’m an extremely light sleeper,…and I feel tis a waste lying in.bed…Soooo…up and embrace every day 🙂

  2. There is something sweet about Summer rain how those big fat drops beat out a rhythm on whatever they touch and the smell is divine. I too no longer sleep in now I’m clean, that I see as a gift of recovery. My sleep is also very light and often if it rains hard I will just lay in the netherworld of sleep and wakefulness listening. I woke up my girls Dad just before a roundabout on the A127 once, I saved his life that day. My girls could have grown up without him, food for thought eh? Hope I can get a copy of that book in the future.

  3. I love you, Karl. It doesn’t matter than I’m a stranger. Please take care of yourself as best as you can, like you are your own child whom you must nurture.

  4. Went through the process twice without booze, drugs or tattoos. First in the early 90’s and then the mid 10’s. But I have to admit your words are like a caressing to my soul by now, so please drive safe.
    Not so I have not figured out my answer to all this amazing and sometimes mysterious experiences, but it feels still good to get it confirmed by some like-minded soul like you.
    “Prescient, prophetic, predictive, visionary, psychic, clairvoyant, farsighted, prognostic, divinatory, insightful, intuitive, perceptive, percipient……so many words yet so much doubt” – I wrote once.
    Your words and spirit are often in line with what I have experienced long before mankind shared information on internet and this is the reason why I am so happy that I finally found you.
    …and no, I am not mentally ill.
    Looking forward to read your book.

  5. I’d like to relocate England…….but it rains too……while i pondered you appeared in the room with a black dog that caressed…..a little jolt to the heart….better ride your bike….my “like”on instagram….i had no doubt i started writing book or music producer of talent……i hope one day to meet you…………………………………ciao……………..elsa,,,,,,,,,

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