Sunday 5th July



Thank God it’s raining! Put my shorts on & went for a barefoot
walk, pulled a chair into the porch & plugged in the lap top,
I can think again! The heat makes me drag knuckles on the ground,
think like a slug, slur my words, loose focus. Summer days suit me
best early & late, you can keep the middle! Thinking of looking for
a cooler place to live when it’s hot, everyday walking barefoot
in the rain.


6 thoughts on “Sunday 5th July

  1. Then I recommend The Highlands of Scotland for cooler barefoot days with some guaranteed rainfall and some of the most stunning scenery on this planet…I’m a Scottish dweller yet still holiday in my homeland every year as I love it so much…. it recharges my whole being 🙂

      • Indeedy :-)… Am off there in a couple of weeks, base will be Lochaber… Love that part of the world 🙂

  2. Feels like my HP smiled on me today and gave me a break from the intense heat, my body rebels against me when it’s too hot. I guess we are lucky to live in a country where these heat events are hit and miss and never stay too long. I seem to become more nocturnal when it’s too hot.

  3. Maybe you need a shade shed. Years ago (seems another life sometimes) I built myself a slat sided posh shed copying a bit of old ice house technology. Pick the windiest spot in your garden, dig out about 3 ft of earth(if ground water allows), put up your shed around the hole, with every other slat missing to let the air through, regular roof though. Line the floor with tamped down sand, over that loose duck boards/ pallets, or stone flags/bricks if you can run to them. Basic seating, table perhaps, certainly a wood framed and woven cot to lie on in the cool. You can hose down the whole place inside and out, or empty ice bags into the floor in extremis. It was always a cool haven from the brain welding heat that we’re never ready for in the South East.
    More rain dancing required, I think.

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