Monday 6th July



Grumpy headed geezer at my wheel, running black top to the station.
Did you wave a cheery “Hello!”, did I scowl, hunched into the
windscreen, squinting through shade-less forgetfulness.My apology
text re-writes prefect the art of owning up, but I’m growing tired
of this geezer in my head with his hands on my wheel.


3 thoughts on “Monday 6th July

  1. Did you wave a cheery “Hello!”?
    Well, my beautiful friends and I did when they surprisingly appeared on my 50th anniversary last Saturday . They are my angels, still dare keeping fit, showing the computer generation what the human body is made for, reminding the tired and old that counting age does not necessarily mean a sad countdown.
    My granny always said – “Andrea, never get old”, so I try to live like your butterfly – gorgeous all the way to the end.
    It´s not easy though… 🙂

  2. Impossible to be top of the world happy all the time. That is exhausting, let the growler do his growling and soon he will pack his bags and move along. No doubt this insufferable heat is not helping.

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