Wednesday 8th July



D’you ever get those day’s where everything goes ‘off plan’?
I don’t mean ‘wrong’, just so different from what you had in
mind that it makes you question your sanity. Well, I’ve been
having that feeling stacking up for the past 24 hours, maaan
I been laughing at my own reflection, ’cause the dude in the
mirror is an idiot. Slow down boy, you juggling too many balls,
not enough time to stick the kettle on. Let go, let…


6 thoughts on “Wednesday 8th July

  1. YES! Right now and the past week…!! :-D…anyhoo,stressed to the max…bolting out of work noo..pick up some necessities,and whether anyone objects or not am having alone time for the rest of today…my house shall for once be MY house …empty… .yoga and silence and a book for me 🙂 …YEEEEEEEEEHA!..Now…you go find time to stick the kettle on!

    • Interessant was du um 2:04 pm über ein haus sagst. Das haus in dem ich schon so lange lebe soll ich bald verlassen. Dafür sorgt der liebste,der sich suchen und nicht finden lassen wollte,der auf sich warten ließ und ncht kam. Nicht das er nicht genug häuser hätte
      aber er nimmt so gerne alles von mir und reibt sich schon seit einem jahr die kralle aus vorfreude auf den homeless angel den er produziert. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHA,du könntest glatt er sein karen,da vergeht einem ja direkt die lust auf kesselspiele.

  2. Oh yes indeedy, the best laid plans of mice and men but the mice are in the filing cabinet. Many balls in the air at once, something inevitably will drop, spreading ourselves too thinly. Breathe take time, re think and reschedule, cut ourselves some slack and reduce the stress.

  3. – Make sure that you are dressed in comfort and abide by the rules.

    when he does what you are asking prasie him and give relief.
    ” The purpose of the training is to restrain the horse’s head to teach them not to go through the bridle – meaning as soon as she hits the bit, the horse will back off and find a comfortable position and relax.

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