Thursday 9th July



Thanks to being raised by a fabulous seamstress I learned to sew
& iron my own clothes by the time I left home, not that you’d
notice if you saw what I’m wearing this morning…
The downside of it is that I can’t stand other people ironing
certain items of my clothes or washing them or hanging them out
or folding them, because they do it their way…
The good people of this world always try to help lighten my load
by washing clothes for me, but they do it their way &…well…
it often makes more work for me than not. There’s a way I learned
to fold clothes that works just great, means I can pick a t-shirt
out’ve a pile & slip it on looking pressed & crisp & not with a
crease up the front. There’s a whole process for washing, hanging,
folding clothes that saves me time, because I’ve been touring for
so long & have had to develop a system for doing this stuff that
allows me to make the most of what little spare time I have.
I’ve perfected washing the right stuff in the right way, how to
hang it so it doesn’t stretch or fade in the sun, how to hang stuff
so it doesn’t need ironing & how to store dry clean clothes so I
don’t have to set up the ironing board just as I’m running out the
door for a train….ha ha ha. People, good people, are always
trying to help me, lighten my load, by taking care of these
processes, but y’know, more often that not, it makes more


7 thoughts on “Thursday 9th July

  1. Oh bless you, my Mum taught me how to do those things she too was an outstanding seamstress. I loathe ironing so I too am glad that very rarely do I need to pick one up. I’ve passed this onto my girls and their student life has been blessed by a few extra minutes in bed in the a.m. 😉

  2. You know what you should do Karl? Delegate. but delegate in a way everyone knows how to follow ‘your’ way! Just put a clip of you doing it right on youtube and you’d have hundreds of loyal followers. Save you a heap of time in the long run!!

  3. Ich denke wie du,niemand könnte meine wäsche besser machen als ich selbst. Ich bin nun aber nicht so der wichtige grossverdiener,habe dementsprechend wenig geld aber viel zeit. Ich kann mir zb keine neue waschmaschine leisten nachdem meine alte ju den geist aufgegeben hat und wasche alle wäsche seit einem jahr mit der (linken)hand,die rechte ist (inzwischen) defekt. Neulich bei der hitze hab ich sogar das federbett gewaschen.So toll mit soviel mühe gewaschenes zeug hatte ich noch nie,wäsche wie für eine königin,was in seltsamen verhältniss zu meiner geldbörse steht-und wieder auch nicht. Mein federbett kommt wann immer möglich raus an die luft,im sommer riecht es nach sonne und ist so appetitlich,das die betten im adlon sich dagegen ausnehmen wie ein hotel für milben und anderes muffiges zeug. Ich würde dich gerne einmal mit meinen federn bekannt machen.
    Was mich wirklich stört ist das ich den kessel nicht so ohne weiteres und so oft aufsetzen kann wie ich möchte.Nicht das ich zu viele bälle inder luft hätte,mich stören ich weis nicht wie viele augenpaare in den fugen,in die ich nicht zurück blicken kann. Leider kann ich nicht sehen wie du morgens aus dem haus gehst
    aber wie und was auch an dir sei,es würde meinen adleraugen nicht entgehen.
    Grüss dich.

  4. You just raised acting to another level. I suspected that you, as most artists, are a good actor but never thought it was possible to do it in written form, only with a pen.
    You are my favourite 🙂

  5. I never iron…except my son’s school uniform :-D… As for packing,best way is roll the clothes,impossible to crease and fit more in.. I too prefer my own way of doing things,is it age,stubbornness or my way is the best way? The latter,hahaha…I had severe OCD as a child…maybe it’s related,maybe not…doesn’t matter in the bigger scheme of things…I just like things,a certain way 🙂

  6. Tips please, Karl! 🙂 Anything to make laundry easier.

    Today was one of those days where the mundane shows its brutal side: being priced out of the apartment and neighborhood I’ve loved for twelve years, the usual work politics, thinking maybe it was time to pack it in and head back to my old hometown…but then I went to dance to Marshall Jefferson in a sea of smiling faces and remembered that I was already home.

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