Thursday 16th July



Back on the road the world moves too fast. I’ve slowed down to the point where I’m overloading behind the wheel. Too much information too fast & I keep going into shock, having to take deep breathe, bombarded by torrents of data. I liked it in between the fields & at the back of factories where, even in the heart of the Black Country, the images slipped down slow & easy. Got up at 6 am with the first diesel chugging past our bedroom window. Porridge & tea on the tow path, grab a lock key & start un-winding. With nothing to think about but emptying & filling locks my head detoxed from its addiction to stress & now (like alcohol) every scrap of information is too much, makes me shake & shiver, breathe deep & punch my leg for an adrenaline hit to block the pain from information overdose.



3 thoughts on “Thursday 16th July

  1. Modern life, too much stress a lot to be said for the older slower way of life. Trying to slip back into it at your own pace, is this not an option? Stress is a killer.

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