Friday 17th July



Missing the peace between the ears & the calm of an English
countryside. Navigating to waterways of the West Midlands
has been the best holiday of my life. The company, the laughs,
the let-go-&-float-ness of these past fews days remind me
the ‘drifting’ is one of the most rewarding, replenishing,
rejuvenating things to do & yet I give virtually no time to it.
Drift often, with a good heart & with kindness dear friends.

Boarding a plane to Russia today, taking the groove East.


3 thoughts on “Friday 17th July

  1. You guys do get to some faraway places to spread your vibe! D’you ever fancy coming back up t’yorkshire? S’been 13 years now
    We’re patient types though!

  2. Always with love and kindness, just as you take yourselves to Russia with love. Good to keep the lines open with our brothers and sisters in Russia if only our respective govts could do the same. Life for all would be better.

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