Saturday 18th July



Breakfast is at 6:00am, meet me in the lobby, 6:30,
we’re being picked up at 7:00 to be at soundcheck for 8:00.
Excuse me, where is breakfast? Breakfast is at 8:30 – 11:00.
But I was told it was earlier. That is on week days, it’s
the weekend now. Excuse me, can I help you? Yes, I need
breakfast, do you know when it starts, I was told 6:00?
I will find out, yes it is at 8:30, it’s the weekend,
we have snacks on site & coffee. I need breakfast!
It starts at 8:30, it’s the weekend. I work weekends!

Fifty minute drive behind tinted glass with water laughing.
Soundcheck with smilers, happy people doing their best, so
you can’t get angry. Look, it’s the sun! Hand-carved wooden
shacks line the road, log cabin homes crumble under tin roofs,
peeling, listing all the way to EDM paradise.

We got trailer luxury & tea, banana, fruit & nuts in a bag.
We got secure security to road black stop & check our badge.
Topless boys raise thumbs & grin, bikini girls shimmy & shake
in tinted shades, ruby lip smiles eclipse the sun.


3 thoughts on “Saturday 18th July

  1. Poor you and you love your breakfast so much. Hope you got some somewhere, you should take a personal runner with you. Hope your days been fantastic.

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