Wednesday 22nd July



Good, cool, overcast a little, but feeling right.I was looking
forward to a cafe alone with the notebook & pen, porridge & tea –
a return to routine. I was looking forward, then ‘all change’,
side-swiped into decline. I tried, believe me before a procession
of events came marching across the cool face of the morning.
I made porridge, ate it cold, cellphone pressed to an ear, typing
with the other hand answering two questions at a time. I made tea,
but don’t remember drinking it. The calm space of a morning cafe,
collecting words, gathering thoughts, lining it all up, the muscles
& the tendons slipping away. That feeling of peaceful connection
I haven’t felt for weeks, always on the go, within reach fading.
That ‘hit the ground running’ sensation returning. So that’s how
the day started, a mug of forgotten tea, chilled honey veins
oozing from cold porridge stuck to the spoon.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday 22nd July

  1. Cold comfort in that porridge. Went to an absolutely spectacular gig in an old church in Stoke Newington tonight. The magical Mick Head, hearing Love running through his music an absolute joy. Secret and intimate, soul flying stuff.

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