Thursday 23rd July



Parking porridge & tea until I get to the Emerald City,
far from the curve of balls. Find myself a cafe where
they deal what I need, conceal this pen in the noise of
conversation, a little place where cell phones don’t work.


4 thoughts on “Thursday 23rd July

  1. Perhaps you have this samsung galaxy s6 smartphone? Yeah,you have to know that the word smart have different meanings.In netherland for example,is ‘smart’ a word for pain,painphone haha,what a smart gaga gag! But you are a lucky man,you mustn’t find a location where painphones doesn’t work if all the informations are to much for your pour brain cells,cause you have the choise to push the power button-out,or?
    Myself i don’t have a smartphone,but can’t never leave this cell,if you understand
    and if you should talk with me on phone,answering me two different questions for example(so köstlich karl:),it is anything what i don’t know on time,it is anything what i can read here or elsewhere when the sweet conversation long time gone.
    And if i think,i have a sweet conversation,it could happen that later i read here,that in reality you have done anything else on that time.So what,a digital desaster so to say.Do you don’t miss anything?
    At least,under this circumstant there is and was nowhere a room for me to write with a pen since long time.
    But sometime i dream to write with you.
    Take care and rock my house in poland baby!-)

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