Tuesday 28th July



Dirty breathing in the Emerald City, dust stuck to sweat
in black & blue. Need a rest, a switch-off, a good laugh.
Trying to do too much, or not enough of the right stuff?
Stop, listen to the noise & chuckle. Up at 4:00am, scare
a pigeon off the roof outside my bedroom window, hooting,
inconsiderate. Well, if that’s the limit of all my troubles
I’ll take that as a bargain.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday 28th July

  1. Raindrops forced me to an almost empty bookshop a few days ago where I found a biography about Mick Jagger by Marc Spitz – apropos of drug addiction.
    Amphetamine lyrics and heroin riffs, what a laugh. I mean, he came quite far after all, despite lack of voice or particular talent on instruments.
    Listening to Scooter – Who’s Got The Last Laugh Now album – a lyrical masterpiece made on Vodka for a change 🙂

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