Wednesday 29th July



Some kind’ve bugthing? Exhaustion? Lazy waster?
The body started rebelling as I rode the train
out’ve the Emerald City, deep-sleeping on the
Blue Velveteen. Dipping in-&-out of the flawed
yet still inspiring ‘Imagine’, identifying with
the’The Outsider’. Today, the corn glows under
slate grey clouds, coaxing light out of the sky
& bouncing it into the house as I write. The body
moans but the mind wants to dance. The-kettle-on,
my universal panacea, slows the world enough,
fixes everything.
Fingers dance across the keys, head sheds angst as
words form on the page in meditation.
Sometimes you have to leave to return, do the things
you’re too afraid to do in order to be free of fear,
comfort kills creativity, but for today, hits the spot
for a body in free fall.


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