Sunday 9th August



On the back step with lap-top & black tea, underscored by the
song of a wood pigeon. I could stay here all day, dipping in
& out of work. Chilling then getting back in the studio, surfing
on the quite out here in Essex. Weekends are for relaxing for some,
but for me they’re for catching up & reconnecting with family,
friends & the space between my ears. The sky is clear & blue above
the fields. The corn is whispering & I’d like to stay to listen,
but we have to drive back into the Emerald City, take the Black top
into town. Chance that carpark we call the M25 & give ourselves over
to whatever it delivers. No sweat. I got a few hours here on the
back step, listening to the corn before the world woke up.
Kettle’s on, get your best shirt. Everything is alright.


2 thoughts on “Sunday 9th August

  1. The roulette wheel of the M25, you never know what you’re going to get. Sunday though shouldn’t be so bad. The Corn will still be shimmering when you get back. Whose singles collection is that? Just wondering, in case you want to share ;-
    ) have a great day. The sun shines and nice breeze in the Emerald city today.

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