Monday 10th August



Couldn’t sleep, so got up & worked on the 6music broadcast
at the kitchen table, that was, until I was interrupted. I was fine
on my own, honest, typing to myself, making track lists. Sometimes
it’s best to be alone-not-alone with no one questions to answer &
no one to bore with the rattle in my head. It’s good to let all that
noise between the ears subside without letting it out of the mouth,
especially at 5:00am. If you happen to hear me tapping keys at
before sunrise, give me a wide berth. You’ll sleep better.


3 thoughts on “Monday 10th August

  1. Sometimes I have this do not disturb face on, it seems to work the people who know me best knows what it means. Though still some have to ask are you ok? Better to be cared about than not a smile confirms everything is as it should be. Having said that and I’m deep in it I don’t hear anything external, just the clatter in my head.

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