Wednesday 19th August



So I was sat in the porridge & poetry, black tea, listening,
looking, inking it down, enjoying the peace & sunlight. I was
just about to leave, drive back home, plug in & play when,
this email bursts in reminding me about a bloody accounts meeting.
Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the need to understand &
I’m grateful to have anything to account, but the head was already
out the door when the recall came & I crashed.
Later that same day, making up for lost time, I’m trying to recover,
head like a bucket of wet sand.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday 19th August

  1. Accountancy meetings, the soul withers under all the receipts and the smallest financial details. The constant explanation of expenses and claim backs, it used to make my head spin and become a spinning quagmire of numbers. My now simpler and less affluent life suits me better and is happier for me. Have a cuppa kick back into where you would rather be in your head.

  2. I’m not the best in meetings and usually zone out or get a too outspoken…however needs must n all that…a bugger though if it’s thrown at you when least expected…accounts tho??? The more word gives me the heebies! 😀

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