Thursday 20th August



Ravaged by a screaming session in the dark out in the fields,
the morning started fragile. Get the paper, the bread, fruit
& stuff. One foot in front of the other, ticking boxes.
Rain stops, sun comes out, goes in, it rains & I love it all.
It’s why I cherish life on this island, the changing weather,
never boring, always inspiring, drives me to make, create,
collect, curate. I have a painting burning on the inside of
my head, gestating to an outsider schedule, free from the
constraints of planning a year ahead, unfettered by what’s hip,
happening or sale-able. When I write I feel good & it’s spreading,
that sensation, into both studios.


2 thoughts on “Thursday 20th August

  1. You reap what you sow…harvest time a lovely time of year, everything coming to fruition. Certainly is a reflection of my own life at the moment.

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