Friday 28th August



Didn’t get to porridge & poetry today & tea came much later
than the body needed. Brown bread & honey on the run, a
mug of water. Walk in the fields in the sun, the sweet smell
of green. Dog walkers stop to pass the time, their tiny companions
wipe their noses on our knuckles. People smile & wave, pull over,
wind down their windows, chat. We walk between the fields at the
back of the world hoping something good will happen,
when everywhere around us it’s already here.


3 thoughts on “Friday 28th August

  1. Yes it was late last night,but the shower was realy realy the best fresh.
    Wasn’t it?Karl
    I miss sometimes my ankleidehilfe
    and something more.s.

  2. Hey Karl….. nice to see your words, very poetic… seems like a poetic movement in your travels…hope real life is going as swell. I’m a big fan of (Al) my husband and he and myself have been married for quite a happy time…. Al mentioned to me the other day that his most amazing time of his life was when he heard Dark and Long (Dark Train) and it was one of his major turning points in his music life (which has been a long one), all these brackets () are getting ridiculous. Getting to my point… we are going to electric next week and Al said to me “that there is no way you guys will play this tune, as you haven’t played it at a live gig in a very long time”. So my gig on here is to appeal to you…. would you do it, for us…. “We walk between the fields at the
    back of the world hoping something good will happen,
    when everywhere around us it’s already here.” ….. so true… love Jo xxxx

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