Saturday 29th August



Walked out alone into the fields, sat on the stoop of an
old caravan & got quiet. Birdsong, rabbit hop, pigeon swoop.
The world is crazy busy underneath a sky of languid clouds
that have no time for frenzy. I’m somewhere in the middle,
feeling the pull of ‘manny-things’ calling me to jump in
& jiggle. At the same time what I need is clarity & that
only comes when I pull back, sit quite & listen. A lot going
on here right now, most of it good-to-fantastic. A major
turn-around from not too long ago, but I wont bore you with
that. What you’ve been seeing & hearing is a direct result
of darker times transporting us into the light. I’ve sat at
the cross-roads a few times in my life, made the wrong choice
more than once & took the consequences. Here on the stoop
it’s like being at the confluence of giant rivers, relentless
yet beautiful. I’m watching them from the shore, checking out
the way they flow, the undercurrents, the whirlpools & rocks.
It’s good to step back just at that point when everything is
screaming for you to keep running. ‘That’s’ the best time to
‘stop’ & put the kettle on, breath & see what happens.
Some great work being made out here in the sticks & deep in the
city. Underworld, Rick, Tomato, Simon Taylor, John Warwicker,
artists we’ve grown with, but also the team around us, guiding,
feeding us, supporting us, letting us play in ‘the sand pit’,
which is all I ever really wanted. Now at last we have an
environment that gives us what we need & adapts daily to
changes in the weather. It’s fast on it’s feet & yet able to
laugh, really laugh & enjoy life. This is a frantic & yet
fabulous time, the time I must’ve wished for when I was a kid,
where grown-ups get to be children even when they’re being
responsible – the confluence of two giant rivers.
This weekend I would’ve liked to have been at the first ever
LAKE festival in Berlin. Our friends Efterklang, re-invernted
as a journey into the imaginations of artists getting off on
the energy of exploration, Yes, wish I was there. Tell me
how it is.


9 thoughts on “Saturday 29th August

  1. Truly delightful and some of what it’s all about. The child inside nourished will always fly. Looking forward to hearing your broadcast on 6. Have a lovely day.

  2. Truly beautiful listening this afternoon on BBC radio 6 spending time with my mother in the garden with dogs,cats birds and all the other little creatures we forget to spend time looking at thank you Karl for a wonderful afternoon of soothing melodies.My mother(75) is a fan! Love and light to you all

  3. Finally I had a couple of hours to listen to the 6 Music today. Beautiful and calm atmosphere, lots of nice guitar pieces and really good news!
    Speaking of energy…. Yesterday early morning in bed, when I listened to the Underworld versus The Misterons Live Jam from 2012, I dreamed about versions of Peach Tree stuffed with ‘a mother of a dog’-like guitar sound.
    Yes, you are right, I may be rather odd sometimes.
    Hallelujah! 🙂

  4. When are you coming back to Chicago to do a show? Just do something minimal visually if you need to. I loved the shows at the HOB and the RIviera but that was 13 years ago! Do some dates at the City Winery in the dark if need be; I’ll bring my own laser pointer.

  5. Nick Drake – One of these thing first… made me so happy! Visited his grave on Sept. 27th 2011 in Tanworth-in-Arden. One of most special days in my life. Let´s meet there…one day and sit there….just quietly in silence.
    Love you Karl x. Always.

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