Monday 31st August



When someone you love won’t eat & is dying in front of your eyes?
Everything else gets very small. Look after yourself. Don’t panic.
Sleep, eat, drink, stay strong & keep your head on straight.
Leave a bag packed ready by the front door.
Patience, Love & a sense of humour.


5 thoughts on “Monday 31st August

  1. I have cinnamon in my porridge every morning, except on weekends. On weekends I eat a big fat brunch with a lots of jam.
    “…and the night it wants me like a little lost child…”
    Jumbo is on my mind
    and Alice is in my ears

  2. Love, light, hope and pray. This is powerlessness taken to its highest level. The wheel of life must turn if only we could halt it just for a little while.

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